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Zambia has made progress in reducing the prevalence of HIV in the general population and in increasing access to treatment.The government and partners are aware of the social, economic, and political impacts of HIV/AIDS and has made universal access to HIV prevention services and treatment a major strategic goal.AHF created the Provider Initiated Counseling and Testing (PICT) program in 2012 to increase HIV testing.The program trains volunteer counselors who conduct testing at inpatient health clinics.This program has drastically increased the number of people who are tested and linked to care.

In October of 2013, AHF Zambia and Humana People to People agreed to collaborate on an effective outreach program in which trained providers visit communities in Zambia’s southern province and go door to door offering free HIV counselling and testing to every member of the household.

Country-Specific Program: Specific programs include Prevention, Treatment and Care and Condom Programing.

Locations: AHF Zambia works with numerous international and national organizations to provide HIV/AIDS care and treatment from the following locations: Ndeke Village Hospital, Tel: 260-973-366887 Buchi Small Clinic, Tel: 260-979-094840 Kamitondo Clinic, Tel: 260-975-549285 Kwacha Clinic, Tel: 260-972-286378 Twatasha Clinic, Tel: 260-977-616146 Garnatone Clinic, Tel: 260-966-856867 AHF Zambia has been working to control the country’s AIDS epidemic since 2002, and has since formed fruitful partnerships with the WHO, Humana People to People and local health programs like the Ministry of Health, National AIDS Council (NAC) and the Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ).

Those who test positive are then linked into care with their nearest clinic.

Through this program and other testing efforts, 90,394 Zambians were tested for HIV in 2013, of which 7,577 tested positive (an 8.4% positivity rate).

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HIV Testing, Prevention, and Advocacy: AHF Zambia has increased its effort to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by expanding its mobile services.

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