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If a man is very successful in his career it gives him confidence and it will make him more attractive to a woman.

“Generally, however, I think it would be impossible to convince your average woman to date a man several inches shorter than her.” Anne Colgan says it’s all about perceived capability — there is a deep-rooted expectation in many women that their mate will provide for them.

The love of my life is exactly the same height as me in his stockinged feet so as soon as I put on my shoes I’m taller.

That doesn’t matter to me now.” Feargal says: “The first time I saw Rena she was all in black and wearing 4in heels which put her at well over 6ft.

“I’ve never managed to convince a woman to date a man shorter than her.

On occasion, I’ve tried when I felt it was a very good match— but I came up against a blank wall.

I find that even really petite women — 5ft or 5ft 2in — will ask for a 6ft male.

“They can be quite resistant to men who are under 5ft 10in and they’re very resistant to men who are 5ft 6in or 5ft 7in — they want the man to be taller even when they’re wearing heels.” Research from the online dating website underlines this.

And then there’s 5ft 10in Rod Stewart, whose wife Penny Lancaster measures 6ft 1in in her stockinged feet.

RAISED on fairytales in which tall, dashing princes gallop to the aid of maidens in distress, women assume the perfect date must tower above them — but suppose the guy who adores you is eyeball to your shoulder?

According to the dating experts, he may be in for a disappointment — women, it seems, yearn primarily after tall, well-built men.

They need to feel feminine and protected, explains Rena Maycock, a director of the Dublin-based Intro Match-Making agency.

“It’s a genetic thing that may even go back to primitive times when men were larger and hunter/gatherers,” she says.

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And then there is former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his high-profile wife, former model Carla Bruni, two inches taller than his 5ft 5in, in her bare feet, and who interestingly was quite often seen wearing lower heels at public engagements with him.

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