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They must head to Plum Park to retrieve a teapot for the Toads after obtaining the Paint Star in the inn.Upon reaching Plum Park, they find it in a poisoned state.Toad gives some Battle cards to Mario and then the Slurp Guy fully drains his colors.Huey then asks Mario to squeeze him into paper form in order to obtain colors from his blood, his sweat, and his tears.Mario and Huey board the airship (by climbing the anchor) and they destroy it, causing the large paint bucket to fall onto the tower, repainting it and allowing them to enter it.Inside, they find Morton Koopa Jr., who is looking for the red Big Paint Star as well.Mario and Huey then head to Cobalt Base, where they must play the Snifit or Whiffit game show.If Mario answers four or more questions correctly, he is rewarded with a blue Mini Paint Star, which unlocks Fort Cobalt, where the blue Big Paint Star is located.

Peach manages to leave a Holo-Peach to Mario, where she reveals that Bowser seems different besides the black paint that covers him, even though he doesn't intend to be harmful toward her.At Bloo Bay Beach, Mario and Huey find themselves participating in the Oceanfest in their research for the Paint Star.Mario eventually finds himself at the The Crimson Tower, where the airship carrying the red paint is found.However, his jumping around the paint causes him to inadvertently create black paint, which proceeds to brainwash Bowser (turning him into Black Bowser) into stealing the Big Paint Stars and ordering his minions to drain the island and its inhabitants of their color.Seemingly unaware of the black paint's possession of Bowser, the Koopa Troop willingly follow Black Bowser's orders.

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