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He tells the students that they may call him "O Captain! ," in reference to a Walt Whitman poem, if they feel daring.

In another class, Keating has Neil read the introduction to their poetry textbook, prescribing a mathematical formula to rate the quality of poetry which Keating finds ridiculous, and he instructs his pupils to rip the introduction out of their books, to the amazement of one of his colleagues.

The teaching methods of their new English teacher, John Keating (Williams), are unorthodox by Welton standards, whistling the 1812 Overture and taking them out of the classroom to focus on the idea of carpe diem.Due to self-consciousness, Todd fails to complete a writing assignment and Keating takes him through an exercise in self-expression, realizing the potential he possesses.Charlie publishes an unauthorized article in the school newspaper, asserting that girls should be admitted to Welton.At the resulting school inquiry, he offers a phone call from God in support, incurring the headmaster's wrath.After being lectured by Headmaster Nolan about his teaching methods, Keating tells the boys to "be wise, not stupid" about protesting against the system.

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Nolan orders Todd to be silent and demands that Keating is fired for the way he's teaching to his students incorrect. The Washington Post reviewer called it "solid, smart entertainment", and praised Robin Williams for giving a "nicely restrained acting performance".

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