Lawyer online dating

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Lawyer online dating

Non-descript slacks and blue button-downs do not add up to “fantastic.” Meanwhile, female lawyers have an even harder time finding great clothes to wear at work. Moreover, why would owning business attire translate into overall fashion sense?

This is just a bit of red meat for certain e Harmony members to consider that lawyers might fulfill the itch they already have.

The trouble is, alive to the realities of the profession, the lawyers on the site don’t tend to want to go out with others of their kind.

From what I’ve heard, solicitors, barristers and of course legal executives who use – whose general counsel, Curt Anderson, was profiled today in the US magazine Corporate Counsel, incidentally – are similarly minded.

So how do lawyers find other lawyers to go on dates with?

From what I recall of Guardian Soulmates, the lefty romance medium which hosted my own sortie into the world of online dating a few years ago, it’s crawling with lawyers.

I did, however, find lots of smooth-talking businessmen, including London-based ‘Dancing Lover 60’ who has “a big heart and small ego, a sense of humour and a scents of Armani.” There’s a suspicious lack of lawyers on, too.

Smart and educated women from Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries selected justice as their life passion and vocation.

For those who aren’t, I joined a few this morning, nipped out for a date over lunch, then raced back to headquarters to write a blog recounting my experiences. They’re a bit of a cheat, because after you sign up you’re sent through to where I couldn’t spot a single lawyer.

Well, you’re probably already on one of the niche lawyer dating websites which keep appearing.

However, – a dating site whose users’ reverence for ‘the professions’ approaches religious levels – is different.

Its lawyer section (pictured below) is full of legal eagles desperate to net an industry buddy.

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“One day I got called on in Civ Pro and I had to talk about International Shoe for 10 minutes.” Sploosh.

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