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l*'ili|)ino Teachers, let us all liy aside that mantle of seclusi6n which keeps us down; lef us all ride on this car of ours now. Let us then put unity and energy into our life in order to advance our Association, because without union nothing of this kind of work can be done and there is no possibility to reach the goal, even though one puts his entire soul and energy into the work. Our central idea is to produce in the public schools individuals who, when they finish their course of training, will not only be able to manufacture a particular article but who will realize because of their schorl training that their proper function in the community is the production of this particular class ol articles." The Filipino Teacher. Jose Topacio's resi- dence n.*^ 21 Calle Ulilang Cauayan Paco. * ♦ T'\vo things are necessary to successful work; concentration of energies upon the work; and a calm trust in your ability to succeed. — It is the truest wis- dom; — the expressi6n of a man's higher nature, the manifestation of the true self It is the force which binds men together in the bonds of friendship, the essential factor to the proper development of human nature. * The who sees good only in his own beliefs, does not see the good at all. Change or improve your environment as rapidly as you can, but while it remains, do not antagonize anything that may be in it SCRUTINIZER. Continuation (The first part of this excursidn is found in the July issue of thisi Journal). - The next morning after we had taken our breakfast () we started off again on foot towards the Third Station. According to our guide, the Third Station was still far. Es una corroboracion mas de que no debe descuidarse la enseflanza de la moral, y qne ella es tan importante y necesaria como las demas ma- terias. Change of address: — Subscri^rs must notify us of any change in tlwir ad- dresses, giving the former and new addresses. The spell of the long night's dark- ness has been broken up after many a struggle and at last the long-hop- ed-for Goddess of Hope comes si Bi Ung- ly from the east annihilating the miasma around us and presenting before our eyes the brightness of the morning sun. This is the name of the car which the Fi- Iil)ino Teachers have built for them- selves on which they mean to ride and catch the golden chariot of Pro- gress. Knowing then that the unity of ideas, and opiniofis are the essential factors that are required . Why do we not then unite together immediately and work la- boriously and constantly to reach the goal? For illus- tration, in one school or perhaps, in one school district industrial effort will be confined to one or two. In another district other hnes will be considered, the idea being that the pubic interest will be better served by the production of a certain number ot pupils who will be thoroughly trained along one or two industiial lines than by the production of a class of students whose industrial is more general and covers a lai^er number of lines and is ne.essarily less thorough. English was taught first in most of the schools by the Americans with the help of the native Porto Ricans an 3 it was extended into the rural districts at the present time. Would )^ou like to rise up and be a power in the world? — Cultivate your faculties, foster noble thoughts, and practice good deeds. Cover it with the mantle of happiness, and let the alch- emic sunbeams of jcy shine upon your soul — thus annihilating the cloud of misery that darkens our mind, leaving only peace and harmony to reign in its realms. Para este fin, es muy necesario que esos nifios y nifias sean co- nocedores no solamente de las leyes* elementales de conducta, sino que deben ser educados para amar con todo su coraz6n una conducta que tien- de a alcanzar el mas alto bien para si mismos y sus semejantes; deben ser educados para odiar con todo su corazon el extremo opuesto: el mal.» Es una aclaraci6n sencilla pero valiosa. 1 I ( .1 I \ • * «■ ^i1 1 * r * » ■■• K^ \ ■V, ^ x/ J ( r S-... Undoubtedly we will reach the benifitial result of our purpose if we do this. Those passing the required examination will he eligible to appointmet within a year, but this period may be exten* ded to two years. This satisfied our thirst a little, but a fe\ # GOOD INCREASE Among the thirty- fonr American Teachers who have been notified that their salaries have been increased, is found the name of Edgar M. Ledyard as well as the other American Teachers for their promotions. ISr OF PROMOTIONS IN THF BUREAU OF EDUCATION FFKECTIVE JUNE 9th, 190;. ^Porque no figura la moral en el plan de ensenanza del Estado? 1 A MONTLY JOURNAL PUBLISHED BY "The Philippine Teachers' Association" aulll«rmo Santo»9 Editor — in — Chief. ADDRESS all cotnunication, recardlng, pub Ucations, advertlsments, subscrip- tions, and business matters to the Manager, Mr. It is because no one will give life to it, but wp, the mem- bers. Feliciano Navarro, tea- ch^r of the Intramuros primary school and also an active member of the Association, was sick for twenty-six days and during such time his salary was deducted by the Department of City Public School acording to law. Na- varro the amount of -P- 13.^0 accor- ding to the Article VIII section 1st and 2nd of its constitution. An ordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Tea- chers^ Association and of the members of the editorial staff of this journal was held on March 16 in Mr. It announces that I20 teachers will be needed at the begin- ning of the next school year which opens on the gth of June 1907. Cagayan La- guna, Chemistry; Biology and English Literature; Babcock, Omar L. My companion, having thought of the melon in the bag, took it out and we three ate it. Muchas alegan el doble gasto que las ocasionan para dicho objeto por matricularseles ademas 4 otros centros do- centes.Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Entonces es cuando principia i adelantar A sus compafleros 6 & quedarse atris.You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I w THE FILIPINO TEACHER Vol I. Esa es la edad en que con- viene animar al nitko i que emprenda los estudios que se adapten mejor i sus condiciooes flsfca y mental.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Our main purpose in the publica- tion of The Filipino Teacher, as our journal is called, is purely education naif that is, we will do all we can for the development and advancement of our race in what is known as learn- ing. We wish them a warm farewell and a ''von- voyage." Here we publish the names of the 49 teachers who have already sent in their resigviations, the provinces where they served and the subject they taught in the insular schools: • Swift, Mrs. t Nosotros recomendamos ardientemente a las juntas de Educaci6n, a los principales, a los maestros, el continuo ejercicio de los niftos en moral, en negocios y en la 6tica profesional, con el fin de que la naciente generaci6n de hombres de negocios puedan tener un bien desenvuelto horror 4 la falta de buena fe. Se garantiza su perfeccion Se hace un DESCUENTO RAZONABLE a lo3 Maestros. Muy conformes con estas sabias aclaraciohes llenas de luz y argumentos inapelables, sin mds objetivo que enderezar la senda univesral que con- duce hacia la perfecci6n de la Humanidad, nos resta solo, apuntar aquf, que nuestro constatita deseo es la pronta realizaci6n de tan nobi Hsimas ideas. Send in your fl deas and let other teachers read them. This was, as Car as we know, not because there were no «;ufficient Filipinos capable of publishing such a periodical nor was it because of lack of knowledge, but was due to the fact that they had neither tried nor thought of doing so. In addition to the number required at the beginning of the year other appointments may be made from time, 10 time so that a person that can not leave the States in April can leave latter. The executive bureau announces that 125 school teachers are resigning and they are going back to the States. N Ecija and Pangasinan, Latin and Modern Languages; Rudy, Abraham Pangasi- nan, Interested in several inventions originated system of shorthand app. A fe nuestra, en los Estados Unidos mismo donde abundan Sunday Schools destinados exclusivamente para este fin, aiin se creen en los incalculables beneficios que aportaria a la sociedad, introduciendola en las escuelas publicas. p ^ THE FILIPINO TEACHER ^ ^ monthly Journal published by y The Philippine / Teachers' Association I Edited In BNOLISH, SPANISH and TAOAUOa. FELLOW TEACHERS: it not your desire and hope the success of our Journal? Send us thingft you hflve and that are worthy of heing published and read by others. But after all we have to uhder- stand then in order to reach our success, that sincere affection is extreo^ ely indispensable towards its progress; otherwise the aim will be only a pernicious illusion to the interest of all the members of our society. From the time public schools were established throughout the Philippine Islands to the present era were regret to say that there has never been yet a magazine of ^ny kind published by ^he Filipino Teachers. Out of 126 tea- chers about fifty wi 1 receive a salary of $ I200 per annum, and the rest $ 1000 per annum. Iloilo and Manila, Mathematics and Physics; Manns, Mrs, Thos. Ledyard, the wellknown and po pular American Teacher in Manila. Ledyard received the highast increase among those promoted. ^Se fundara acaso de la separacion de este con la religi6n?Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. « Estas pruebas se vienen haciendo desde bace tiempo de una manera mas 6 menos eficaz en muchfsimas partes del mundo.Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Se ha comprobado que los niflos robustos son tarn, bi^n, por rcgla general, los mejorcs disclpulos y los dota- dos de mayor energfa mental.

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is no life, that is, I dare say that oiir Association is dead. be put upon sale, retail and wholesale at such prices that local dealers may pur- chase with profit; it of course bein^ understood that the disposing of goods to dealers will be at all times the more desirable method of entering into the commercial life of the community without the interference with the rights of anyone. An Amount of -P- 7,000 Is not the amount of -P- 7,000 a great and superfluous amount to be drawn out of a municipality? -P- 7,000 has been paid out by the municipality of Bocolor and -? It is said that on this entertaiment, Dis- trict n.® I has made the very considerable sum of -P- 233.26. The subscription rate of this journal is reduced from P- 2*40 in Manila and -P- z:8o in the Provinces to -P- per annum. Faulkner Supermtendent of Educa- tion in Porto Rico reported that a rapid progresses taking place in the work of edu- cation on the island. La educacion es pues, el perfeccionamiento de la inteligencia, vo^ luntad y constituci6n flsica; de aquf las acepciones de educacion intelectual, moral fisica con que se conoce cada una de las mismas respectivamente. We ought to be careful of our judge- ment and not limit other people's know ledge by our own ignorance. Cubiertos metal bianco garaniizado, Cubiertos metal Britdnii de 4 piezas.