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The annual festival of Khareef, which is held in the streets of Salalah in July-August, will plunge you into the very heart of traditional arts, with song, dance and theatre are all being showcased.There are four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Oman: You will have ample opportunity to familiarize yourself with Omans rich cultural heritage, and with the many exceptional sites and monuments dotted around its territory palaces, castles, mosques, ancient villages, ports, the Arabian Oryx Sanctuary (an endangered species close to the antelope family) set in the heart of magnificent natural landscapes.Lebanese Mezze and Falafel, Indian biryani and tandoori and the national dishes of kabsa and makbous (spicy rice served with chicken, lamb or fish cooked in tomato sauce) will delight your palate.You can also taste Thai and Chinese specialities, as well as pizza, and of course.fresh fish!The characteristic sight of the gold souk in Salalah wont fail to dazzle you with its finely crafted jewellery, necklaces and bracelets, all in yellow gold and sparkling on the goldsmiths stalls.

Located 3 km from Salalah amid coconut trees, the souk in Al Hofah is particularly renowned throughout the country for the quality of its luban, and for its traditional textiles, costumes and goldsmithery.Since ancient Sumerian times, the region of Oman has been renowned for being at the heart of the production and commerce of incense.It was Islamized in the 7th Century and its culture, covering a wealth of arts and crafts, is very similar to that of other Muslim countries in the Middle East.As a result of its history and the foreign influences on its territory, Omani music is related to Arabian, East African, Iranian and Portuguese music.At least 130 different styles of music or funun have been catalogued, with the emphasis being on rhythm.

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