Codicon online dating

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Codicon online dating

Further descriptions and background on the various sections are included in this AEMMA presentation, not found in the Det Kongelige Bibliotek's online presentation.- released March 8, 2000- Fechtbüch, c1462 is comprised of 330 folios, devoid of any illustrations, similar in the hand writing style of von Danzig's treatise.This is not a problem, as he demonstrates: on the contrary it is a virtue and is 'dangerous to us only if we miss the lesson of modeling and mistake the artificial for the real'.

Hans Peter-Hils, this fechtbüch appears to have originated in southwestern Germany, the clothing, arms and weapons point to the middle of the 15th century.The manuscripts configuration, scope and contents evoke associations to the "Gladiatoria" - group (this is a catch all group whose major cause for association is that it does not directly fall into the Liechtenauers school, although they do exhibit many of the characteristics, but not all.The manuscript contains only illustrations in 46 pages, and cover fighting arts disciplines that include armoured fighting with spears, armoured longsword on foot, armoured longsword and dagger, pollaxe, wrestling and swordfighting on horseback.The manuscript is divided into sections, each section preceded by a blank page, and in a number of folios, there are annotations written in the margins.- released Sep 5, 2009- Talhoffer's original 'fechtbüch aus dem Jahre 1467' or 'Fencing Book of the Year 1467' was translated into French and re-published in Prague 1887 by Gustav Hergsell.

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It includes 114 pen drawings in water colour depicting single combat using various weapons or unarmed, with sequences on horseback, armour, grappling.

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