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Assistir jonas l.a 2 temporada dublado online dating

Jude doesn't know what to say, he doesn't own the Jersey nor watch Football. Connor then sees Jesus's skateboard and asks if he skateboards.

Jude tells him almost everything in the room is Jesus's, and shows him his little few things that he has a result of being in the foster system for so long.

Connor asks him why he doesn't say anything bad about anybody, even the people who bully him. While working on the DNA project, Jude asks Connor if he can show him something.

He grabs a key chain and a pocket knife with his real dads' initials carved on it.

While working on the project, he learns a bit about Jude's life as a foster kid.

He asks asks Jude if he wants to be partners, which Jude accepts.

Despite his father's best efforts, Connor is unable to cope with his father still being not accepting of him being gay following his bad reaction when walking in on him making out with Jude.

Following this, Connor considers moving in with his mother in Los Angeles instead, asking his dad to simply let him go.

As he comes in, Jude runs down the stairs and greets Connor. ", to which Lena makes a comment about the Beatles.

In response, Connor makes a confused expression, to which Jude explains that the Beatles are "a band that old people like." Lena temporarily takes this to heart, but shrugs it off.

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In the episode Not That Kind of Girl, he gets sick of his father ragging on him and comes out to him as gay.

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